Fresh Air

Get out into the fresh air. It helps you clear your head and approach your tasks with new energy. Take short breaks for a walk outside. 20 minutes a day in nature is already enough to help reduce stress. If you have spare time and want to go for a longer walk, you can find a list of recommended routes here.

In fact, walking in the woods is particularly good for your health. In Japan, "Shinrin Yoku"—or “forest bathing”—is a recognized form of therapy. A Japanese study shows that a walk in the forest has a more positive effect on physiological parameters than a walk through the city. Forest bathing is not only about walking in the forest, but also about consciously listening to the sounds of nature or feeling the forest floor beneath your feet. Here in Kaiserslautern, the Palatinate Forest is the perfect opportunity to take breaks in the fresh air.   

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