Try meditation and mindfulness. It’s important to perceive things consciously. Start the day with awareness and think about what you’re thankful for in the evening. This can help you relax and reduce stress.

The following video explains what the effects and goals of meditation are, as well as how you might begin to meditate: Richtig Meditieren | Einfache Erklärung (video in german)

There are also apps that aim to help you make your day more mindful. We have tested and have summarized a few of them here.


In order to strip away all of the abstractions, we’ve provided an example of what mindful eating can look like. Here’s how you can participate directly: Pick a fruit of your choice and look at it. Can you recognize the structure? Do you notice anything about the fruit that you have perhaps never seen before? Turn the fruit and watch the light fall on it. Smell the fruit. What does this smell remind you of? Do you feel like eating the fruit? If so, resist the urge and just be an observer. Close your eyes and feel the fruit. Then take the fruit in your mouth and try to identify all the flavours. Does it taste different than usual? Eat and chew slowly.

You can integrate mindful eating into your everyday life by being aware of what makes food different. Remember: Enjoyment takes time!

And if you want to try to breathe consciously, you can do so with this video:


If you prefer to try meditation directly, you can do so with this online meditation:  


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