mental health

Everyone needs support sometimes. It’s okay to get help when you’re not feeling well. If you’re not succeeding in making this new life your own, there are many avenues to help you cope. It’s up to you to take advantage of them!

In this video you will learn why the COVID crisis is particularly challenging, and what you can do to cope with it. Feeling particularly sad? Do you believe that you might be depressed? Try an online program from the German Depression Relief Association. Due to the current situation, some courses can be held without a doctor’s supervision, like I Fight Depression.

If you feel drained or are doubting the importance of your studies, take a look at how burnout manifests itself and what you can do fight it: MaiLab - Burnout(Video in German)

Is the opposite the case? Do you feel underwhelmed in your studies? We spoke to a boreout coach and asked for tips on what you can do to help.


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