Depression - information and prevention

Do you sometimes have insomnia, anxiety, feel listless, have to brood endlessly about something or suffer from other depressive symptoms? You're not alone in this! Depressive symptoms are one of the most common health issues students face. We have searched for different support services for students to give an overview of some existing offers.

Find out if you are affected by taking the self-test. Whether you need immediate help, want to learn more about the disease, are looking for a friend or want to do something preventive, the selected information fits different situations and phases of depression.


Identifying a depression is not always easy. The online selftest for depression can give you first hints of an upcoming depressive behavior. Of course, it does not replace a medical diagnosis.

The selftest contains questions concerning your mood which can give hints of a depression. The questionnaire (PHQ-9) was also used for an extended interview concerning depressive behavior with TUK students and is also used by doctors and therapists. The results are treated anonymous and the respective persons can do first steps against it.

Start with the selftest right now! You can find the selftest and many more information here:



Professional aid



Deutsche Depressionshilfe offers a free information hotline in Germany concerning depression. Respective persons and family members can get help and get therapy if needed. The persons calling can also receive information about the disease and possible forms of treatment. The offer under the following number is available at the following times:

Tel: 0800 / 33 44 533
Zeit: Mon, Tue and Thu: 1 pm - 5 pm / Wed and Fri: 8:30 am - 12:30 am

You will find further information on the homepage of Deutschen Depressionshilfe.

Deutsche Depressionshilfe especially provides regional offers for the regions of Kaiserslautern/Kusel/Kirchheimbolanden. There a offers listed for aid especially for the region of Western Palatinate.

Information center and offers for aid in your region.


Many health insurances provide offers to prevent depression but also to help with a present depression and to reintegrate into work or university. One of many programs is the online based program "Novego" that helps to ease the symptoms of a depression. Get information of your heath insurance which offers they provide and how they can help you with your depression.

Techniker Krankenkasse: TK provides preventive online courses for members to prevent stress and depression. You will find further information at:


If a depression is present, in most cases it is necessary to start a psychotherapy. In this case, you must speak to experts (psychologist, psychotherapist of a psychiatric expert or psychosomatic medicine). If you want to know which doctor is right for you, the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Rheinland-Pfalz (Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Germany) will help you.

You can get free information at the hotline of the health information service. The hotline of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung is available under the following number at the following times: 

Tel: 0261 / 39002400
Zeit: Mon until Thu: 8 am - 5 pm / Fri: 8 am - 3 pm
Call directly: here is the number for the patient hotline:
KV-RLP Patient Hotline

If you need a psychotherapy and want to look for doctors, you can find a list on their homepage (from the Palatine region and Kaiserslautern). You will also get help for the search. You will find more information underKV-RLP Arztfinder


Online-selfhelp against psychic stress

“Selfapy” provides online therapy classes against depression, anxiety and burnout. The therapy courses are accompanied by psychologists. You can contact them via chat or phone. The courses are evaluated and valued by the university hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf.

The courses provide a free consultation at the beginning. To start the therapy, you need to register and you are going to be charged for it. The courses take place once a week and are based on principles of cognitive behavior therapy. The courses are accompanied individually by psychologists. You can also exchange information in an online forum with other participants.

Fees: Euro 79,90 – unaccompanied course / Euro 179, 90 – psychologically accompanied course

Further Information at:


Support groups

Being part of a support group can help people to deal with their psychological problems if they share it with other people who feel the same. There are a lot of possibilities to take part in a support group for psychological problems and depressive behavior in Kaiserslautern.



The association consists of people with mental or psychic crisis or who are affected directly by it. The focus is on the human and the participants are treated without prejudices but in an appreciative manner. There are regular meetings where you can talk about your problems or a psychic or depressive disease. Read here if the group suits you


The support group Balance e.V. also provides the possibility to talk about your problems and gives you information and recommends you doctors. Just look under


Psychological information center

The psychological information center supports students professionally if they have psychological problems. Students of TUK can not only talk about their problems concerning their studies but also about problems and difficulties of every situation in life.


You will get further information at:


Sports offers

Unisport Kaiserslautern offers about 90 different sports, mostly for free. Exercising on a regular basis does not only have a positive impact on your fitness and your weight but can also help people with a depressed mood and behavior (Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2013). Thus, physical training has a positive effect on depression.


Find a course that suits you:
UNISPORT Sportangebot


Arya app self awareness against depression

You can easily list your emotions and their patterns with the app “Arya” everywhere and anytime. Become aware of your (automatic) patterns, learn to understand yourself much better and regain a piece of control. The Arya companion contains over 150 suggestions for activities that can make you feel better. You can add those activities to your “toolbox”, plan and check them off. Try to reach your daily targets. The reminder in your app will help you. You will learn more about yourself each day. Download the app in your app store or find more information 



Online workshop against Depression

The online course “The Art Of Living” is a program where you learn how to gain strength, feel free and happy with the help of breathing techniques and meditation. You can take part in a trial course online and book courses with costs afterwards. You can also make a certificate.

Fees: Euro 69.00 – Standard / Euro 119.00 – Premium

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You will find further information at:


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