Public Bookshelves

There are several bookshelves on campus that you can help yourself to. The concept is easy: if there is a book or game you’d like, simply exchange it with something similar that you don’t need anymore. You can get new books or games easily and without additional costs. The CampusPlus bookshelf is at the underpass between buildings 46 and 48. There are further bookshelves close to the library (building 34), at AStA (building 464 – 205) and at the department of social sciences (building 57 – fourth floor). The shelves are becoming more and more exciting every week thanks to our students filling them with new life!



CampusPlus shelf between building 46 & 48

library (building 36)

AStA (building 46 - 205)

Faculty of Social Sciences (building 57 - fourth floor)

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