MTB Rental

As TUK is directly located in the Palatinate Forest, it is convenient to take a short bike tour during your break. From April to the end of September, students, employees and guests can borrow high-quality mountain bikes free of charge. Every season,our partner provides us with the newest Wheelsports bikes available. This offer makes the fitness options on campus even more diverse! Now you can stay active and enjoy nature at no personal expense! We also have gloves and helmets available for rental, keeping you perfectly equipped for your rides. You can find rental information and route recommendations on our website. We also update our social media channels with any relevant information.



1. The use of a helmet and gloves are mandatory. They’re available free of charge.

2. While rental is free, a deposit of € 20 and some form of personal identification is required.

3. Bikes are only available for rental during our posted times. Overnight rental is not possible.

4. It’s no problem if you’ve fallen—just let us know when you return the rental.

5. The MTBs are very expensive and are sold after the season. Please handle them carefully!



Tour 1 - Directly to the Humberg Tower

Tour 2 - Pfaffenbrunnen - TSGBrunnen - Humberg

Tour 3 - Hinterburgweg - Birthday Path - Blue Cross - Red Bar - Green Bar

Tour 4 - hiking trail no. 1 - Brunnenweg - Grüner Barken

Tour 5 - Humberg round trip




does not take place at the moment

[if the weather is fine
from April until fall

Monday until Thursday
11:30 am - 3:30 pm
Friday 11:30 am - 2:30 pm]

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